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  • Get your herbs. Maybe one or two tablespoons or a handful (you could use a “teabag” or muslin bag to contain the herbs)
  • Add them to clean fresh water in a pan
  • Heat the infusion up to a boil and let it infuse (turning off the heat), simmer, 
  • In the meantime (keeping an eye on the water) set up your space
  • You may use the pan or use another bowl for your herbal infusion
  • Wrap yourself in a large towel or blanket and get into a kneeling position with your bowl or pan between your legs.
  • The steaming experience should be warm and comfortable. If there is pain IMMEDIATELY STOP! Either add cool water or wait 5-7 minutes for the water to cool down a bit. 
  • You may steam between 10-30 minutes. There may be spotting a few days after your steaming experience. This is normal and apart of the detox process.
  • Discard herbal fusion after each steaming session.

Yoni Herbs

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